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World Race Circuits

F1 2023/24 Collection - Wood Finishes

F1 2023/24 Collection - Wood Finishes

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World Race Circuits

World Race Circuits is the original and, arguably, best provider of high quality motor racing circuit collection wall art. Every one of our sets is lovingly designed, manufactured and shipped by us directly from our UK workshop.

We pride ourselves on quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction. We've been making these for many years, love what we do and want nothing more than to give you a wall display that you can also be proud of.

Precision Made

We use high power, computer controlled laser cutting machines to produce our circuits.

Unlike 3D printing this process offers superior quality of finish and level of a precision that allows us to include incredible levels of detail, particularly in the Podium Edition collections which feature narrower track widths and pit lane detail.

All of our circuits are made in the same scale sizes. Any mini, large or supersize piece is in exactly the same scale size as any other circuit in any other collection we offer.

Buy in confidence when your new circuit collection is made by World Race Circuits.

Installation Instructions

Your collection is supplied with one of two options for quick and easy installation.

High tack putty:

This super strong black putty should be broken into small pieces and applied to each circuit. Gentle pressure should be offered when pressing to the wall. Several smaller pieces is more effective than fewer large.

Glue Dots:

Podium Edition sets are supplied with these transparent, tiny adhesive 'dots'. You will need to apply 4-5 to the back of each circuit and gently press to the wall.

Both options allow the circuits to be removed if necessary. These are the best options we have found for getting your circuits up but please get in touch if you would like more advice.

Circuit Name Options

Most collections are available with a choice of lettering options for circuits names.

As the title implies, no circuit names are included for those who prefer just the clean lines of the track.

The circuit names of each track are laser etched/engraved onto the surface of each piece. Mini series text is, of course, very small.

Cut Alongside
Circuit names appear alongside each track. They are cut in as the set is manufacured in remarkably fine detail with uniform size and font.

Formula One 2023/24 - The Complete Circuit Collection - Wood Finishes

The F1 2023/24 collection features every circuit on the calendar, including the return of Shanghai making for a truly awesome display of Formula 1 fandom

Every circuit has been exactly modelled by us using satellite imagery and precisely created using a high power laser cutting process in our very own UK workshop. 

Each circuit is made in perfect scale proportion not only to one another in this collection but across every collection we offer in each scale size; a detail that any motorsport fan will surely appreciate.

These collections are presented in a beautiful 'World Race Circuits' box making them a perfect gift for any F1 fan... or just for yourself!

Each set is supplied with a high-tack putty that can be used to easily fix them to most interior wall surfaces whilst allowing repositioning if required.


Large series pieces range in size from 150-300mm (6-12”) with uniform track widths of 6mm (1/4”). The collection will need 800x800mm (2.5x2.5') if square though, of course, the pieces can be arranged as you like. This set is presented in an A4 sized gift box.

Supersize Collection pieces range in size from 200-500mm (8 - 19.5") and will need a minimum of 1800x850mm (70x35") to display. Track widths are uniform at 9mm (3/8"). This set is presented in a large A3 sized gift box.

*The Vegas layout is based on information we have at present and may change before the race itself.


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    We've multiple options for shipping all over the world so, where ever you are, we can get a set to you!

  • Keeping Current

    When new circuits are added in future seasons, or layouts are changed, you'll be able to add them to your collection as updates keeping your display right up to date.