• Sean

    "Fantastic! Really well made with great precision. The acrylic material is much cleaner than typical 3D prints. The putty included is very strong and mounts the pieces firmly. Packaging is top notch."

  • Trish

    "The wall decor that made our formula 1 racing nursery theme! My husband & I loved this so much!"

  • Leslie

    I cannot tell you how much I love the F1 circuits we received. Excellent customer service. If you are thinking of getting as a gift, definitely do it. They are packaged so beautifully. Excellent product. Excellent all around!

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World Race Circuits is based in the United Kingdom and our impressive collections are enjoyed by motorsport fans worldwide. When choosing your racing circuit wall art; our attention to detail, manufacturing precision and range of stunning finishes is just part of what puts us in pole position.