Getting your collection on your wall!

You will find, in your box, either a strip of black putty or glue dots
depending on which set you have purchased. In both cases, these are the most reliable and ffective solutions we have found but are by no means the only methods.

We highly recommend testing one circuit (somewhere low down!) to ensure adhesion
before committing to the rest of the collection. If you have any difficulty after reading the guides below, please do get in touch and we'll help where we can. Enjoy!

Mounting Options

Black Putty (included)

Our high tack black putty is sent out with all classic style collections. It will adhere to most surfaces and can be carefully removed without damaging the circuits. It can mark lighter colour walls.


- Use 5-6 small pieces per circuit (8-10 for supersize). Smaller pieces work better than large as it can slip over it's own mass.

- Warming the pieces between your thumb and finger will help them become more plyable and make applying them easier.

- Apply firm (but careful) pressure when fixing to your wall. The flatter you can make the putty, the better it will hold.

- Avoid using it in warmer areas such as above heaters.

Glue Dots (included in Podium Edition sets)

Podium Edition circuits are supplied with a strip of 3mm glue dots which offer great hold on most surfaces and are very easy to apply.


- Ensure the wall is free of dust or residue before applying. A brush or damp wipe will help ensure this.

- Avoid handling the dots as much as possible; if they pick up dust/debris they become less effective. Try to apply them directly from the white film.

Double Sided Tape

Where the putty or glue dots are not effective, or you plan to make the display more permanent there are other methods to employ.

Double sided tape can be a bit fiddly to get right but it does offer a stronger hold. Your wall must be smooth and flat for this to be most effective.

Ensure the wall surface is clean and free of debris, apply tape to the circuit first and press to wall.


For a more permanent display you may use adhesives to secure circuits to the wall.

Both the acrylic and wood finish circuits have very smooth backs making it hard for many glues/adhesives to 'bite'. A more specialist solution is required over the more domestic household options.

Contact adhesive is very effective for bonding different and difficult surfaces together. Please do read manufacturer instructions carefully before use though.

Grab adhesives may be used but you will likely need to rough the application surface first. Some fine grit abrasive paper will do that nicely.

Mounting Instructions

Video guides coming soon.