About Us

The short version; World Race Circuits is a UK based registered limited company incorporated in 2019 and run previously as a sole venture by founder, Chris, since 2015.

We are formed from a love of racing and racing circuits and that is important to really understand; the founding philosophy was not based on a corporate business model (yawn) but on making something that was wanted but didn't exist.

Now; the long version...

It was October 2015...

WRC's founder, Chris, visited the infamous 'Green Hell' that is Nürburgring with a group of friends for a few laps.

On returning, and with access to CNC machinery in his day job, Chris made some models of the circuit for his group as mementos of the weekend. One friend asked if he could make F1 circuits to match... which he could!

Having seen nothing like this available and with the set being very warmly received Chris took advice to start an Etsy store listing these collections of circuits. People loved them.

All great things start in a shed...

Early 2016 and Chris bought a CNC laser to use at home. It lived at the bottom of the garden in a shed but allowed production of circuit collections of an evening and weekends.

This was it for the next 3 years. Nothing more than a hobby generating a small supplementary income. A second CNC laser arrived in 2018 following a busy Christmas period the year before. Chris went part time at his day job in order to spend more time on the business and even moved into his garage for more space. Luxury! In the August of 2019 World Race Circuits was incorporated as a UK registered limited company.

In 2020 - everything changed.


Covid was and remains a nightmare but it was not without it's opportunities. It was part of a catalyst that was needed to push Chris to take the jump into running WRC full time. And Chris doesn't do things by halves.

In 2021 Chris moved into a workshop unit (which needed ALOT of work) setting up another two lasers and employing an old work colleague, Charlie, to help.

Chris wouldn't tell you running a business is easy or that he really enjoys the 'business' aspect of it all. But right from the off the focus was on making a product of high quality that encapsulates a memory. Evokes an emotion. That means something to someone. That has never changed - nor will it.

And now...

In 2024 Chris and World Race Circuits remain committed to producing racing circuit wall art of impeccable standards. It warms our hearts to know how many thousands of collections exist and are enjoyed all around the world.

New collections are being added frequently, new products and styles of display are in the pipe line all the time and we can't quite believe you've read all this to the very end!

The shed? That remains. It's a normal shed now with gardening equipment chucked in but you'll still find the odd offcut, prototype and test piece randomly on a shelf or behind the mower :)