Frequently Asked Things

Why should I buy from World Race Circuits?

Quality of product.

We opened on our home page with 'the original and best'. And we mean it. We've been making circuit sets siunce 2015 and have yet to see anyone with a circuit collection that's as up-to-date or accurate as ours; let alone quite as high quality. Sadly, we even see people posting about their set they bought elsewhere not realising it's full of errors and far from to scale.

We only make racing circuits and we care greatly about what we do. Customer satisfaction is incredibly important to us and you loving your wall display is what we do this for.

What is the difference between etch and cut text?

This refers to how circuit names appear on each piece.

Etched circuit names appear as if engraved to the surface of each circuit.

'Cut' is short for 'cut alongside'. In this form the lettering is laser cut alongside each track during the manufacturing process.

What are the circuits made of?

We use one of two materials to manufacture each circuit. The matte finish black and white options are laser cut from high quality, matte finish, acrylic sheet.

Wood finish circuits are cut from a real wood laminated hardboard surface.

Both options produce circuits measuring between 3-4mm in thickness.

Can't I just 3D print some myself?

You can certainly try. Plenty of people do. The trouble with even the more high end domestic printers is that they cannot come close to the surface quality seen on our laser cut circuits. It also takes a very, very long time to make a set.

Further to that, unless you're generating cut files yourself there is little if any standard for accuracy. All of our circuits are traced in house to exacting scales and kept right up to date.

So yes, you could try 3D printing your own but only in the same way you could buy a saw and some wood and build your own wardrobe. Why would you when someone else has done all the hard bit?!

Can I exchange a set for a different size?

Yes of course! We try to offer as much information as possible in the descriptions but if you decide you need a larger or smaller set we will help; just get in touch :)

Should you want to return a set for any other reason, again, no problem. Just drop us a mail letting us know why and we'll provide a return shipping address.

Is this drop shipping?

No. We don't import any of our products nor do we outsource their production. We don't even supply other shops for resale.

All of our circuit collections are made by and shipped by us from our UK based workshop nestled in the Cambridgshire countryside.

Do you ship to...

Yes. Just yes. We have shipping quotes for almost every corner of the planet an if you reach checkout and are unable to find shipping, please get in touch and we'll get it sorted. Where ever you are, we can get a set to you.

How do taxes and VAT work after 'Brexit'?

It's still a sore subject but we have systems in place to make things as easy as possible.

EU customers may now pay all taxes and charges at checkout for orders under £150.

For the rest of the world, most orders fall within import thresholds but please check before ordering. If taxes are not collected at checkout, they may be due on import.