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F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series
F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series
F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series
F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series
F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series

F1 2022 Collection - Supersize Series

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Formula One 2022 - The Complete Circuit Collection - Supersize Series

World Race Circuits is home to the original and best racing circuit collections. Our stunning and captivating wall displays are all enjoyed by fans all over the world.

The F1 2022 collection features every circuit on the calendar and is available in a range of size and colour options. 

Every circuit has been exactly modelled, by us, using satellite imagery and precisely manufactured using a high power laser cutting process in our very own UK workshop.

Each circuit is made in perfect scale proportion not only to one another in this collection but across every collection we offer in each scale size; a detail that any motorsport fan will surely appreciate.

These collections are presented in a beautiful 'World Race Circuits' box making them a perfect gift for any F1 fan... or just for yourself!

Each set is supplied with a high-tack putty that can be used to easily fix them to most interior wall surfaces whilst allowing repositioning if required.

Each scale size is uniform across all collections we make. A large series Monaco circuit, for instance, will be in the very same scale as every other large series circuit in every collection.

Mini series
Also available in the shop; pieces measure between 85-150mm (3-6") with uniform track widths of 3mm (1/8"). If displayed as shown they will need approx. 500x500mm (20x20") of wall space. It is presented in an A5 gift box.

Large series
Also available, pieces range in size from 150-300mm (6-12”) with uniform track widths of 6mm (1/4”). The collection will need 800x800mm (2.5x2.5') if square though, of course, the pieces can be arranged as you like. This set is presented in an A4 sized gift box.

Supersize Collection
In this huge collection pieces range in size from 200-500mm (8 - 19.5") and will need a minimum of 1800x850mm (70x35") to display. Track widths are uniform at 9mm (3/8"). This set is presented in a large A3 sized gift box.

Each set is supplied with a high-tack putty that allows easy and strong adhesion to most interior surfaces whilst still allowing repositioning if required.

We have a range of acrylic colour options available.

Our signature finish matte black acrylic has an asphalt like quality to it with a crisp, clean matte white also available for those with darker walls.

Our matte/metallic range is simply stunning. Each has reflective particles that catch the light in a beautiful way giving a dynamic appearance. Currently available is a Ferrari like red, a striking and beautiful blue, a deep yet dynamic green and luxuriously gorgeous purple.

Large and supersize collections are also available in real wood finished in the shop.


Track names can be laser etched to the surface of each piece in any scale size or cut alongside the tracks themselves in large and supersize versions.

No circuit names at all, just the clean lines of the circuits themselves. 

Circuit names are laser etched onto the surface of each track.

Cut Alongside
Each circuit has it's name laser cut alongside the track itself in astonishingly fine detail. This is only available on large and supersize collections.


Collections are generally made to order and we aim to have them away to you within 1-3 days from ordering.

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