Supersize collection - podium edition

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Formula One Podium Edition - Supersize

Formula One Podium Edition - Supersize

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The F1 2024 Podium Edition Complete Circuit Collection

This 24 piece circuit collection features every venue on this seasons' calendar in perfect scale proportion.

Each individually mountable track has been exactly modelled and precisely manufactured by World Race Circuits to bring you this original and beautifully detailed collection.

Our 'Podium Edition' collections are an evolution of circuit wall art featuring narrower track widths for a sleeker aesthetic together with the inclusion of stunning pitlane detail.

Supersize series circuits in this collection measure between 200-500mm (8-19.5")

You are free to arrange the collection to best fit a given space but we suggest you would need approximately 1800x850mm (70x35") or equivalent of available wall space to display the set.

Colours & Finishes

Supersize collections are available in our signature asphalt-like matte black or stunning crisp matte white acrylic and our range of real hardwood veneered options; Walnut, Oak and Cherry.

Circuit Name Options

As the title implies, no circuit names are included for those who prefer just the clean lines of the track.

Cut Alongside
The circuit name appears next to the track itself in stunningly fine form. It is cut during the manufacturing process and does not need attaching yourself.

Installation Instructions

Supersize collections are supplied with a proprietary double sided foam padded tape securely fixing your circuits to dry, dust free surfaces. Installation and removal instructions are provided in the box with advice on how best to use it.

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