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UK Circuits Collection - Mini Series

UK Circuits Collection - Mini Series

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The UK Circuits Collection

This collection includes 16 of the United Kingdoms' most well known and best loved motor racing venues. Each has been meticulously traced in exacting detail, precisely laser cut and beautifully presented in perfect scale proportion to one another.

The set is designed to complement any other collection listed as the circuits are in the very same scale. Alternatively, the larger sets make for impressive displays in their own right.

Mini scale pieces range in size from approx. 30-120mm and can be made to fit in just 300x300mm (12x12") of wall space.

Colours & Finishes

Mini series collections are available in a gorgeous asphalt-like matte black or stunning crisp matte white acrylic.

Circuit Name Options

Circuits are available with a choice of lettering options for circuits names.

As the title implies, no circuit names are included for those who prefer just the clean lines of the track.

The circuit names of each track are laser etched/engraved onto the surface of each piece. At just 1.4mm in height mini series text is, of course, very small. It is also very subtle on a white acrylic.

Cut Alongside
Is available on large and supersize circuits only.

Installation Instructions

Mini series collections are supplied with a high tack putty that holds the circuits securely to dry, dust free surfaces. Installation instructions are provided in the box with advice on how best to use it.

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